Air Express

Air Express is the fastest shipping way, which means the best way to ensure your urgent shipments reach the destination timely. We’ve developed close relationships with leading worldwide courier companies, so we can provide good offer – you pay less but enjoy same or faster service.


Air Freight is a consolidated air shipping way, which is a perfect balance of time and cost. If you have not so urgent shipments but would like to replenish inventory a bit faster, Air Freight is a good choice for you.



If you can afford a shipping lead time of 3 to 6 weeks, Ocean Freight is considered as the most cost-effective shipping way, especially for heavy and big volume shipment. We’ve developed two ocean shipping models: Ocean + Carrier Ground and Ocean + Truck Ground.

Ocean + Carrier Ground
Other than traditional Ocean shipping, we will use UPS or FedEx for final-leg delivery, to accelerate the process. Especially for FBA shipments, the couriers don’t need to make appointment with Amazon, which will save a lot of waiting time during peak season.

Ocean + Truck Ground
In this shipping way, the final-leg is handled by local truck company, we will do palletization and make inbound appointment accordingly. During peak season, it may need more time for Amazon to approve the appointment, offloading and waiting time will be extended as well.


Railway Freight is a specific line to enrich shipping way from China to Europe. Delivery time is a bit faster than Ocean Freight and enjoys same or lower cost. Also, your shipments are free of being moldy or suffering other marine issues.



Removal Order Processing

As we know, there are many overseas sellers doing Amazon, when your customers return the sold items to Amazon or you find any potential issues on their product, you would need a physical address to re-handle your inventory. We have partnered warehouse in the USA to provide merchandise re-handling service, covering relabeling, bundling, repacking and other specific requirements.

Warehouse Management

Inventory management is crucial for e-commerce sellers, we offer flexible warehousing solutions in China and the USA to you to better control the cost.


We hope you never have to use this service, but there are many unforeseen circumstances during long-distance transportation. Your chosen carriers may have a default coverage, governed by their own terms of liability. However, it may be limited to 100 dollars per shipment. If you take out extra insurance from FBAchiever, it will be a small investment to prevent your huge loss. Our team will deal with the insurance claim on your behalf, quickly and efficiently, without causing any extra hassle to you. But we yet only provide insurance for those shipment we handled.


  • Factory Audit

We will conduct a thorough evaluation of the factory, including structure and scale, production line, trading capacity, certification, etc.

  • Pre-Shipment Inspection

We will do random checking based on AQL standard, including visual check, functional test, on-site test, drop test, package check, etc.

  • Container Loading Supervision

We will supervise and monitor the installation of your shipment, and provide you with a detailed report of loading operation.




We know that a professional 3rd party inspection is of great importance to monitor your production line, can be a small investment to prevent great loss.
Our inspection service covers almost all cities in China, we can carry out all below services in one man-day.



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