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Amazon Freight Forwarding Services in USA

The greatest way to grow and raise your Amazon business is adopting our shipping, inspections and Prep services.

FBAchiever is the reliable and trustworthy Amazon freight forwarder known for the committed and timed delivery of the goods or products. We can help you in inspection, shipping, freight forwarding, delivery and FBA prep services in USA.

FBA Prep Services in USA

In Asia, we are one of the most trusted names who can import your shipment from China to Amazon FBA. We have delivered more than 10000 realized FBA shipments yet and still counting the lot of labels. We have made several clients happy who joined us and enjoyed our services, our partners from various countries and continents always help us delivering goods and products in various locations.

We know the value of your time and that is why we have made several partnerships with local and international companies  from various countries, due to these partnerships we are able to deliver your shipments in various countries from anywhere in the world.

If you are looking for a completely hassle-free approach then our freight forwarding services is the best solution for you. We take care of every single and minor details and pay attention to every small things to remove every single obstacle. This approach helps us to deliver your goods at the committed time and lets you to invest your valuable time into other business activities rather thinking and worrying about the logistics.

FBAchiever offers several customized Freight forwarding services to cater your various needs. Some of the most popular services are:

Amazon Freight Forwarding Services

Our shipping agents are available in various counties and ports and let us help you in picking up or delivering products from your supplier to the appropriate Amazon fulfillment center.

FBA Prep Services in USA

Amazon has several prep requirements that needs to be clear to qualify for FBA and lets us be your Prep expert and enjoy our prep services with 100% satisfaction.

Inspection Services

Our skilled and experienced processing and inspection team ensures that your products meet Amazon quality standards and the most important customer standards.

Shipping Services

We offers customized shipping solutions for your various shipping requirements and ensure you the timely shipment delivery of your products.

It’s not stopped here; many more services are available for you.

Just get in touch with us and let us know your requirements and drop all your worries on to our heads and sit relaxed. We will work for you to make your customers and clients happy and enjoy your services.

Amazon Freight Forwarding Services Shipping Your Goods To Fba Direct From China Supplier.

As an experienced eCommerce supplier, prominent seller and loyal online shoppers and certain eCommerce platform like Amazon accentuate amazing customer services.

We offer FBA shipping services in a professional way, all you need to do is to provide the details or packing list and tell us any additional prep services needed, we will follow your each and every command.

fba freight forwarding services

We make a 3-step process to fulfill our every client’s requirements.

Step 1: Provide us your packing list and any other services you required and we will be ready to start working on your project.

Step 2: We prepare, apply stickers and ship your packages to the appropriate destination.

Step 3: We update you with the UPS tracking number for every package, once payment is received.

How we work to delight you?

After receiving all the necessary information and your instructions or receiving the packages, we start warehousing your packages and make it ready for packing. After warehousing and packing, the warehouse starts shipping and forwarding your packages. Here we come in; we start receiving and processing your packages.

Shipping to FBA direct from China Supplier

We are a reliable Amazon Freight Forwarder offering quality FBA ocean forwarding, FBA Prep services in China As a trusted and experienced FBA freight forwarding services provider of Asia, we do FBA preparation and inspection to establish a secure and hassle free product Shipping experience from China to Amazon FBA.

We know the potential of eCommerce business and the value of your time. You may feel free to put your trust on us for we have delivered more than 10000 realized FBA shipments and still counting. We are handling more than 20 tons of international cargo daily and we possess with a team of experts and have associations with many prominent international business partners and they all are helping us in delivery.


  • Immense understanding of FBA policies
  • Organized inventory with professional management
  • Familiar with all kinds of international freight shipping methods and processes

Benefits and Trust

  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Money back guarantee
  • Flexible hourly rates according to your convenience

All the above benefits you will get while working with us, because our aim is to provide full support for receiving, warehousing and delivery of your products to the Amazon fulfillment office for Imports to FBA.

So why waiting and getting troubled, just drop all your freight and delivery related worries on to our heads and sit and relax yourself. Get in touch with us on: +1 (651)252-1730 for an appointment.