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Know More about Amazon and FBA Services

There are a lot of things that actually matters in organizing any international shipping. The freight forwarder usually manages every detail related to national or international shipping.It is also essential to know and understand what a freight forward system basically does and what does not.Actually, a freight forwarding services do not move your freight physically. It also plays the role of an intermediary between different transportation services like trucking, ocean freight, rail freight, or air freight, and a shipper. Even, this service also manages considerable transportation of shipping goods from one intercontinental destination to another. This is quite a challenging burden or task for each client and it’s better to seek help of air freight for better results.

Freight forwarding services of Amazon

Freight forwarding services of Amazon

Being a freight forward service provider, we have developed much stronger relationships with other overseas partners or agents, especially in the Far East including China. We can also coordinate between our various agents for specific cargo pickup from the different supplier or factory with the help of our strong trusted international networks and also custom brokerage services. Our company can reduce international trade hurdles easily and thus help to earn a profit for your business by getting on-time freight transported. Moreover, our team of highly skilled workers offers our esteemed clients with customized import solutions in terms of supplying freight to or from any global destination. Our full range of Amazon freight forwarding services includes the following.

  • Air freight shipping
  • Direct delivery services provided to Amazon
  • Warehousing and storage facilities
  • Labeling and inspection
  • Distribution in any place of the world
  • Trans border services

Our expertise work team and partners always look forward to offer innovative and reliable import solutions.

Preparation and inspection of FBA

Preparation and inspection of FBA

The direct sending of any product from manufacturer to the seller is a bit risky. If you directly send a product to a buy, you may save prep fees but have to spend a much to keep up your reputation or refunds to customers. That is why our FBA preparation and inspection services help to identify any products-related problems, prevent costly replacement, save you from negative reviews, and thus make your customer happy. We also even prevent misrepresented or faulty products from your behalf. Our main inspection services before FBA includes the following.

  • Inspection of pre-shipment
  • Product testing
  • Inspection of open-package
  • Inspection of packaging damage

Many of our other services include saving your time and thus keep your shipments sturdy and compliant.

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Convenient Ways to Export Goods from China to FBA

Exporting and importing is actually a complicated process. It is not only essential to research about the matter, but it is also very much vital, before shipping, to gain proper knowledge regarding the supervisory environment and all sorts of needs one has to face while shipping. The exporting of products to Amazon warehouses from China is incredibly an easy task. It is little more complex other than requesting your supplier about the labels on product and exports it to Amazon warehouses. This article discusses about the different ways involved in shipping your products to Amazon FBA from any Chinese suppliers.


Shipment from China to Amazon FBA

Shipment from China to Amazon FBA

Being a popular logistic service provider, we feel the pride to offer direct shipping from China to Amazon FBA. Our highly skilled technicians mainly focus on helping our esteemed clients with the complete shipment process, FBA preparation, and custom regulations of the target countries. Moreover, we also provide services that are mentioned in the following.

  • Bar coding for Amazon
  • Poly bagging
  • Inserting properly
  • Repackaging
  • Bundling

The suppliers from China only need to reach their products to us and design their respective brands and the rest we assure to take good care.

Shipping directly from a Chinese suppliers

Whether you want a consultation advice on how to navigate country as well as governmental specific FBA goods directly from China market or being a seasoned seller asking for any sorts of international transportation services, cargo insurance, and assistance with Customs clearance or only compliance services, then are responsive logistic company is one of the best. We not only help to fulfill importing requirement of Amazon-Commerce cargo but also support for product shipping to FBA direct from China supplier.

FBA imports

As a FBA importer, our experienced and knowledgeable technicians are abiding by all sorts of destination requirements and unique origin of imports to FBA. Our company is also an all-in-one-stop solution for every FBA needs. We mainly offer the below-mentioned services regarding to FBA imports. Sticking and printing of labels
Assistance in clearance for courier shipment due to holding in customs mainly because of imported cargo in different countries

  • Inspection Services before FBA preparation.
  • FBA returned cargo directly goes to the warehouses
  • Storage for shorter term
  • Reselling of return products through closed account

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Nurture you business to grow fast with FBA

FBA is a process for importing goods from different countries without any hazards. This will help you to make money also in saving time and help in growing business. This smooth process will also help the seller to deliver quickly to delight the customers.

If one seller wants to grow fast in business then taken help from FBA will help that seller a lot. Import to FBA will help the seller completely to grow quickly. Fast and free delivery of different products will open a competitive edge for the seller.

nurture you business

The most interesting characteristics of FBA are the one day delivery and also free delivery. So that one seller can access thousands of customers at a time. FBA forwarding system will take care of the seller and the seller can take of the need and demands of the buyers. This is a complete chain and every parties of this chain will be benefited to be a part of this.

Advantages of FBA:

This will help the seller to focus only on his business. Inventory management, shipping everything will be taken care of by FBA.

The entire process will help in developing trust in seller and the seller will get good ratings to grow fast. World class product with packaging, fast shipping will help to the best level to develop fast.

Import to FBA will be very easy for the seller. The only reason is the payment structure which is very flexible. No additional cost, no subscription cost to be paid by the seller.

There is no additional tension for the seller, with the help of FBA forwarding. All the quality products will be delivered by FBA to the buyer so that the seller can only concentrate on developing business rather than other things.

 FBA forwarding

For any changes or return request from the customers end will also get quick response. Trained executives will collect the returned product from the door step of the customers.

Most importantly all the purchase orders can be fulfilled by cash on delivery services. For customers satisfaction customers can even easily pay through cash on delivery.

FBA account is must for fast growing and development that would ensure a better status for your business staying ahead in the competition.

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