Before sending your goods to Amazon, you need to ensure all goods be compliant to Amazon standard. When your goods arrive at our warehouse, we will do intensive checking of carton, label and package.
We provide prep services in China and the USA, including (re)labeling, bundling, packaging, repacking and so on.

Damage Inspection with Photographs

FBAchiever will carefully inspect the outside packaging of each unit that you send us. If there is any visible damage we will set the unit aside and send you a picture.


Amazon requires it. They will also charge you $0.20 a unit for it. Let us save your pocket. FBAchiever will print and attach UPC/EAN/ASIN or FNSKU stickers to every item or polybag in your order.


FBAchiever can assemble your custom packaging, drop in your product, and make your product complete. Collapsing packaging can save you plenty on international shipments of products.


FBAchiever will group separate items together to create a finished product for you. Your choice of shrink wrap or plastic wrap.


FBAchiever can package your goods with given materials, - in case your suppliers are not willing to handle this, or you want to disjoint your supply chain and control every part.