$4.33 Per kg
  • PREPStep 1: Provide us with your packing
    list, and any additional prep service needed
  • PACKStep 2: We prep, sticker,
    package and ship your products
  • SHIPStep 3: Provide you with UPS tracking
    number once payment is received
FBA Prep Services
Freight Forwarding

FBAchiever provide documentation support for receiving, warehousing, and delivery of your products to the Amazon Fulfillment center of your choice. Along with counting your items, we will work with each individual order to ensure your products meet the specifications your manufacturer and shipper have documented. FBAchiever include e-mail support and are easy to reach as well as contact for any questions you may have.

Our prep services include:

Damage Inspection with Photographs - FREE for Basic Inspection, 0.20/unit for Advanced Inspection - FBAchiever will carefully inspect the outside packaging of each unit that you send us. If there is any visible damage we will set the unit aside and send you a picture

ASIN/FNSKU/UPC/EAN Labeling - $0.10/unit - Amazon requires it. They will also charge you $0.20 a unit for it. Let us save your pocket. FBAchiever will print and attach UPC/EAN/ASIN or FNSKU stickers to every item or polybag in your order.

Repackaging - $0.6/unit - FBAchiever can assemble your custom packaging, drop in your product, and make your product complete. Collapsing packaging can save you plenty on international shipments of products.

Bundling - $0.20/unit in bundle, or ask us for a custom quote - FBAchiever will group separate items together to create a finished product for you. Your choice of shrink wrap or plastic wrap.

Custom quotes for any other prep you can imagine!

If you simply need support on cargo forwarding, we are able to give you the best freight forwarding service.

UPS Worldwide Express

$4.99 per kg (3-5 Business Days), shipping directly from China to FBA!

UPS Worldwide Expedited

$4.33 per kg (5-8 Business Days), shipping directly from China to FBA!

FBAreceiver receives your shipment,provides quick case packaging inspection,supplies you with the case counts,weights,and dimensions of your outgoing shipment. We then apply your shipping labels,loads your shipment to depart from our warehouse,and provide outgoing-confirmation correspondence in regards to your Amazon-bound shipment.

Insurance terms and conditions

The basic liability of UPS is governed by the Convention rules or other mandatory national laws which is limited to proven damages up to an amount not exceeding USD 100 per shipment. Maximum acceptable shipment value would be USD 50000 per package.

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